Mount Avoca Wines Pyrenees Ranges Victoria....... 2016 'Estate ' Sauvignon Blanc ~ 12 bottles ~ Free Delivery

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                       Pyrenees Ranges Victoria                                             ACO Organically Certified

2016 'Estate Range' Sauvignon Blanc 

Sustain ably Grown 100% Organic Fruit  

 Our Estate Range is what we are known best for.  Our organic vineyard produces all the fruit for this range and is carefully managed before harvesting, and then crushed, just minutes later at the Australian organic certified winery, just next door.  Handcrafted in our cellars and bottled on the Estate, these are wines that reflect the character of the region, the drive and passion of our people, and that indefinable character that is a combination of terroir and personality.  Capturing the uniqueness of the Pyrenees and enhanced by a real love of crafting something special, we believe these wines are some of the truest examples of what great Victorian wine is all about

 Lightly aromatic with delightful palate structure. More food oriented than some, this wine goes well with seafood and a variety of fresh, modern cuisine.

Tasting Notes

 Ultra-light, celadon green colour with almost mineral spring facial stripes. Well balanced with a bit of natural residual sugar to round up an innate zesty acidity, typical of cool climate Sauvignon  Blanc.
This Sauvignon Blanc releases tropical aromas such as lychee, passionfruit, feijoa and limes, all of them accompanied with whiffs of fresh herbs.

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